Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Green IT NYC - A resource for Green IT news and tips

The purpose of Green IT NYC is to create a resource for reducing the footprint for a part of modern life that can't be ignored: technology.

Here is where you can find new "green tech" products and solutions that can help all of us stay connected and conscious of our use at the same time, whether it be choosing products that use less electricity, or that are made from materials that use less heavy metals and non-recyclable parts.

Green Information Technology, or Green Computing, isn't a new concept.

By focusing on the idea of technology and it's devices as part of a system, we can analyze that system to find out how to run it cleaner, more efficiently, and with less waste.

This applies not only to corporate and government policy, but to people's everyday lives.

Like Thomas E. Lovejoy, former chief biodiversity adviser for the World Bank, said about the solution to Global Warming, "There's no silver bullet, it's more like silver buckshot".

There may be no "silver bullet" to the waste and power-use associated with modern technology, but there are many small changes, especially that individuals, and small/medium-sized businesses can make much more rapidly than a larger institution.

Speaking to people, these ideas intrinsically make sense. This is just getting started, so any feedback, crit, or links are more than welcome.

Let's see what we can accomplish when we put our heads together, and make being connected better for all of us.


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